1) The Speaker Series

Our members have the exclusive privilege of meeting with top recruiting companies. Students receive the opportunity to hear from company leadership regarding topics on diversity and inclusion. Students get the opportunity to interact with these leaders and network with recruiters from the company at each event.

2) Mentoring Program

One of the biggest influences on students is their mentors, especially for students from diverse backgrounds. Our mentoring program allows students to learn from upperclassmen and peers in order to develop themselves professionally and align themselves with a career path for their future.

3) The Diversity Career Fair

This event is an exclusive opportunity for students to interact with recruiters one-on-one. This not only allows students to improve their communication skills but also gives students the opportunity to interact with their target companies to potentially receive internship and job offers.

4) Professional Workshops

Catered towards our freshman and sophomore members, professional workshops provide young students the opportunity to improve their resume and communication skills. These workshops prepare younger members for job interviews, shadowing programs, and professional networking events.

5) Crisis Response Challenge

UBDC is always looking for a way to develop students at Kelley and what better way than to challenge students in communicating during crisis situations. The Crisis Response Challenge allows students to compete in small groups and show recruiting companies that they are skilled at handling crises. This Challenge allows students to showcase their talents in a new way.

Through our five initiatives as well as volunteering, social events, and alumni events, the Undergraduate Business Diversity Council provides its members the opportunity to build a network and develop themselves for the future in order to become Kelley leaders.