Accepted Class Profiles

Fall 2018

Competitive Outlook

UBDC faces intense interest in council membership. Students seek organizations that empower them by creating opportunities, connecting them with diverse companies, and providing meaningful diversity-driven discussion. 

The result is the most accomplished, academically-driven, and worldly class in the history of UBDC.
— Fall 2018 Recruitment

Fall 2018 marked our most competitive applicant pool in the history of the council, with a two-fold increase in applications, year over year.

As the number of student applications rises, well-executed vetting processes are imperative to evaluate high-achieving students. 

In order to remain consistent with the mission of the council, ensure the availability of opportunities for our members. and budget-steer to maintain appropriate funding for member events, the council performed a comprehensive review of applicants.

This process included a pre-screening, short essay submissions, resume review, professional interview, and after-hours deliberation to select the admitted Fall 2018 class. 

Below is a representation of the 2018 recruitment cycle, in numbers:


  • 77 Applicants

  • 48 Professional Interviews 

  • 154 Short-Essays

Accepted Members

  • 27 Offers Extended (35% Admission Rate)

  • 3.75 Average GPA

  • 60% Female

  • 40% Male

  • 44% Freshman

  • 48% Sophomore

  • 8% Junior

Spring 2019

Our Spring 2019 recruiting process saw an extremely talented group of applicants. Start of the Spring semester historically sees fewer applications for student organizations, so the UBDC Executive Board was excited to review so many strong applicants. After a comprehensive recruitment process, UBDC is thrilled to welcome our high-achieving Spring 2019 class.

Below is a representation of the 2019 recruitment cycle, in numbers:

Beyond their academic and personal achievements, our new members are rising leaders with a strong passion for diversity and inclusion.
— Spring 2019 Recruitment

Accepted Members

  • 46% Admission Rate

  • 3.75 Average GPA

  • 3.78 Median GPA

  • 31% Female

  • 69% Male

  • 53.8% Freshman

  • 46.2% Sophomore