Round 1 - What are we looking for?

You're interested in UBDC - that's great! But what is this application process and why is it important?

UBDC is a diverse family with representation across all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and points of view. We embrace each other for our differences and we want to make sure you are open to our culture before you join.

Our application helps us determine a few key attributes:

  • Your interest in diversity and enthusiasm for our organization
  • Your current college or high school GPA
  • Your past leadership experiences
  • Your availability to commit to weekly meetings

How competitive is the process?

We know you're not one dimensional. That's why we refrain from cut-offs, quotas, or other restrictions on how we accept members. Membership is selective, due in part to our commitment to our corporate partners, who expect talented, professional members at networking and co-hosted events.