Round 1 - Pre Screening and Initial Application

Round 1 - Pre Screening and Initial Application

UBDC is a diverse family with representation across all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and points of view. We embrace each other for our differences and we want to make sure you are open to our culture before you join.

Our application helps us determine a few key attributes:

  • Your interest in diversity and enthusiasm for our organization

  • Your current college or high school GPA

  • Your past leadership experiences

  • Your availability to commit to weekly meetings

Round 2 - Professional Interview (by invitation)

Round 2 - Professional Interview (by invitation)

It's not a job - so why interview you?

The short answer - we simply want to get to know you better! 

Your an interview is a chance to let us know why you applied and what sets you apart from your peers. Often, we will discuss UBDC opportunities and initiatives, your strengths and weaknesses, and how diversity has impacted your life. We promise, we won't ask trick questions!

The long answer - 

One of UBDC's major themes is professional development. Our organization promotes professional development through events such as the Diversity Career Fair and Speaker Series. These events put UBDC members in front of Fortune 500 companies looking to attract and retain diverse talent. 

We want to develop members who are energetic, insightful, and looking to create change. Our interview time with you helps gauge your professionalism, quick thinking, and communication style.